Finger Pointing Is Not a Solution for Paying Kentucky People Unemployment

Updated: Jan 6

When Governor Beshear decided to shut down small business and the private sector at the start of the covid spread, he apparently didn't do his unemployment system capability homework. A prudent CEO would check the status of his system capability to meet a demand before causing that demand. Governor Beshear owned all of that capability at the point of his decision - the system, the personnel, the offices and locations, the funding, etc. It really didn't matter what Governor Bevin had done before him. Many, many Kentucky people are now financially, physically, and mentally hurting because of mandated shutdown orders. Facts show Kentucky's civil servants and systems are just not up for the challenge.

Many people give the Governor a pass because they say he is trying so hard and cares. But the state people are getting paid and rationalizing every day it's not their job now. Little consolation to the unemployed people not receiving compensation and fighting daily to survive.

So, if an EF4 tornado hit Kentucky communities and crippled business, all kinds of help would flow to the people. But when the Governor's EF4 like edicts devastate small business and the private sector across the state, all the state's best brains can't think of a way to help the people until someone else comes to bail them out. Winston Churchill said: "Sometimes doing your best is not good enough. Sometimes you must do what is required." What is required is to help the people. But in this case, what is required takes thinking outside the box. So nothing, nothing, nothing happens.

We pay taxes with our hard earned money to compensate state employees. What a testimony of failure for finding a way to support people that need help and have been crushed by government edicts, processes, and systems.

No, we are not all in this together. Why? Because we have a Governor and advisors choosing to not collaborate with the best minds and experiences of proven business people all over the state to help the people.

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