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Do You Let Things Remain Unsaid?

July 24, 2017



Leadership is a wonderful opportunity.  You have your hands on the controls of your organization.  If you don’t like what is going on, then look in the mirror.  You are setting the standard on what is expected, what is acceptable, and what is possible.  If you ask for it, you can get valuable feedback from your employees and customers that just might change your perspective.

People are your organization's most valuable resource.  Many leaders say it, but too few leaders act like it.  People are street smart.  You can’t fool them very long.  People don’t forget what you do or how you act, but they will quickly forget what you say unless it is contrary to your actions.  The old saying is true – ‘Talk talks, walk talks, but walk talks louder than talk talks’!

You can become isolated from the realities of working in your organization.  People filter what they tell you.  But, in a very short period of time you can get valuable input from your employees to recalibrate your perspective.  This input will help you get a picture of what people face working in your organization.  What your people face may not be what you think or how you want things to be.  


It is difficult for you to get straight-forward, objective feedback from people that have power over other people.  Getting feedback that is politically correct or feedback that your people think you want to hear only serves to build your ego, not your business.


Time is money.  Any process, any practice, or any behavior that wastes your people’s time or distracts your people's focus, wastes your money.

If you want to get a quick feel for what your people think, what frustrates your people, and what it is like walking in your people's shoes, then contact me and ask me 'how'!  


HOW?  Just contact me.  It won't take you long to decide if you like the approach.  Actions Speak.

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