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Are You a Real Leader or Just into Group Think

Leading people isn't for everyone. Is it for you?

You have to stand on principle, walk your talk, and earn trust every day. Can you go against politically correct to do the right things right?

Daring? Different? Sometimes impractical? Purposeful? Have vision? Are you? Can you? Will you? - through actions, not words?

Do you have the courage to lead? The more responsibility you take on, the lonelier you feel when you are faced with tough decisions to make.

Everyone faces challenges. Most people see them. But few will take ownership to address them. A growing number are just comfortable blaming others. Be the one to take the initiative to step up, own them, and do something about them.

It is difficult to do what everyone does and get ahead. So, what do you do?

Don’t sit back and let things happen to you. Make things happen for you. You have options.

There aren’t many ‘safe’ people to discuss things with. Find someone. NOW!

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1 Comment

Rick Loghry
Rick Loghry
Aug 14, 2023

You don't have to look very far before you can see group think at its best - our elected congressional representatives. Look at the straight party line votes! Look at protection of the status quo procedures when they acknowledge they need to change! Look at the broken fiscal policies that make a joke of effectively managing OUR tax dollars! Look at the protection of members even when it is clear many things need to be investigated! Look at ongoing fraud, waste, abuse in government programs! Look at all the broken promises after they are elected! Look at the blind eyes at the rule of law! Just look, look, look! But it is never the right time for t…

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